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August 21, 2012

Living in Norway

Have you ever thought about moving to another country? Not only for a few weeks or months, but for your whole life? No? Me neither, until I was about 8 years old. My first thought on moving to Norway was that we were going to live in a country full of reindeers and polar bears. I know, I know … Insert stereotype jokes here.

It was really tough for me to get used to the whole situation. But after all, I had to. I didn’t really have a choice.
After so many years of living in Norway I would never move back to Poland. First of all, almost all of my family members are living here and it would be difficult to leave all of my fantastic friends that I’ve got here. And off course - better living standards than in Poland.

Norway is a perfect place for people who want to start their life from scratch. No matter if you’re from Liberia, Cuba or Poland. Everyone will find their place here. 
Living in Norway, a country with great economy, beautiful places and a high standard of living is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

What’s Norway for me? For me Norway is a country of opportunities. A country where you can express yourself without any barriers. A country where you create your own dreams. 



  1. Great post about living in Norway. You have a great way of expressing yourself. It is fun to read your blog. I'm very happy that you have adjusted so well to the Norwegian life. My experience is that people from Poland are really good linguists. They seem to master our language quite easily.

  2. Hi,my name is Robbie Strauss i'm a student at VALTS in Scottsbluff,NE. I'm glad you are liking Norway and you are living better there than when you were in Poland.

    1. Hi Robbie! Thank you for commenting on my blog, it means a lot to me :)