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August 29, 2012


Whether you’re doing your homework or need some help with translating, it’s nice to have an online dictionary to help you. There are plenty of dictionary out there on the internet so it’s important to have one or two that you think works best for you. 
            Personally I’ve tried many dictionaries, but not all of them where good enough for me. Here are the three dictionaries I use when I need some help with translating :
·         Google Translate

Click on the name to go to the online dictionary

When I have problems with translating by myself, or I wonder what something is in Spanish I use a dictionary that’s called EasyTrans. I can honestly say that EasyTrans is the best Spanish dictionary that I’ve ever used. Not only can it easily translate single words, but it can also show you how you conjugate verbs, which is very helpful when you for example have a Spanish test which contains conjugation of verbs. It’s also very precise, something that’s important for me.

Here you can see how EasyTrans looks like. I took the verb hacer\ to do to show you how it looks like. is an online Polish-Norwegian dictionary. I don’t use it so often but when I need some help with my Norwegian I use this one. I like it because it looks nice and it’s not complicated. It also translates quite well. Earlier I’ve used Google Translate as my Polish-Norwegian dictionary but it didn’t work at all. Don’t get me wrong, it worked for simple words such as dog, house or girl. But when I tried to translate something more difficult it was just pure nonsense.

 And finally, good old Google Translate. I only use Google Translate when I want to translate something from Norwegian\Polish to English, and vice versa. It’s very simple to use and performs very well. Nothing more, nothing less. 
It also have a little speaker icon where you can click to hear the right pronunciation.

August 28, 2012


When I read Zara’s story I was in huge shock.  If you're a man, clean your shame. If you're a man, kill your daughter. Those are words her husband told her father because his wife dishonored her family.

            She married her husband because of love. After they got married they both moved to Great Britain with their two sons. They moved to Great Britain to get work. Her husband started to drink and became really violent. This can happen to every woman out there. Everything can turn upside down when the nearest person destroy themselves and your family by their behavior.
            She experienced everything a woman doesn’t want to experience. She was raped, mentally abused and was afraid of her husband.
        Then she finally decided to tell her husband that she wants a divorce because she didn't want to cheat on him. He agreed and they went back to their homeland in Middle East. That was a huge mistake.
         Her mother in law insulted her by saying she’s prostitute. She said that her son’s a doctor and how could she cheat on him?

            Although she’s living in the UK right now, she’s still afraid of being killed by her uncles or cousins. Zara says she does not hate her husband or her own relatives, even though she still fears they may kill her for bringing shame on the family. She sees them all as victims -- like her -- of a brutal, unrelenting tradition, one that leading Muslim thinkers insist has no place in Islam.
                 ( )

This may not be the biggest news in the world right now, but we must speak about those kinds of news or stories. Like I said earlier this can happen to every woman in the entire world. 

                                                                                  Interviw with Zara

August 21, 2012

Living in Norway

Have you ever thought about moving to another country? Not only for a few weeks or months, but for your whole life? No? Me neither, until I was about 8 years old. My first thought on moving to Norway was that we were going to live in a country full of reindeers and polar bears. I know, I know … Insert stereotype jokes here.

It was really tough for me to get used to the whole situation. But after all, I had to. I didn’t really have a choice.
After so many years of living in Norway I would never move back to Poland. First of all, almost all of my family members are living here and it would be difficult to leave all of my fantastic friends that I’ve got here. And off course - better living standards than in Poland.

Norway is a perfect place for people who want to start their life from scratch. No matter if you’re from Liberia, Cuba or Poland. Everyone will find their place here. 
Living in Norway, a country with great economy, beautiful places and a high standard of living is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

What’s Norway for me? For me Norway is a country of opportunities. A country where you can express yourself without any barriers. A country where you create your own dreams.