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January 29, 2013

Whose Line is It Anyway?

Do you sometimes feel like you just had the worst day of your life? You know, you're just  in a horrible mood and don't feel like doing anything? What I always do on those days is watching ''Whose Line is It Anyway''. WLiIA is an improvisational comedy show where four comedians are playing games and act sketches starring Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady with some others comedians, such as Chip Esten or Greg Proops. The show is presented by Drew Carey. Here are some samples of their humor: 


The Painter of Shanghai

For a couple of weeks ago I've written a post about a book called ''Secret Daughter'' by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. At this time I was 100% sure that I will buy and read this book. Yesterday when I went to a bookstore I asked a lady if she could help me with searching for books about different religions and cultures, because those are subjects that I'm interested in. She gave me six books and Secret Daughter and The Painter of Shanghai were among them. So there I was, standing and reading the blurbs. 

''Based on a true story, The Painter of Shanghai tells the captivating tale of one woman's journey from a life of prostitution to the art studios of Shanghai''. 
That was the first sentence of the book's blurb, and when I read it I knew that this is a perfect for me, so I went to the cash desk and bought it. 

Have any of you read this book? Any thoughts?

January 8, 2013

Sara Ege, a mother who has beaten her son to death

33 year old Sara Ege has abused her son for several months. According to the judgment Sara beat her son constantly because he didn't learn religious texts from Quran on time. 

She sat fire to the family house to hide the evidence, and she played worried and sorrowing mother. 
It's quite a short post, but I thought it's important to speak about those kind of things, like child abuse and honor murders.

Secret Daughter

I chose to read ''Secret daughter'' by Shilpi Somaya Gowda because I like to read books about different cultures, religions and countries. I first decided to read ''The White Tiger'' by Aravind Adiga, but then I somehow ended on the Amazon page with a book by Shilipi Somaya Gowda. I first read the book description and then I scrolled down and started to read several book reviews. 
Here are two book reviews I found very helpful:
- Secret Daughter: A Novel was uniquely written, provided exposure to other cultures, and lessons on the struggles of life. It was a fast read and an engaging read.
-It was a good story. I enjoyed learning about India - the good and the bad. Every country has both, and I had no idea that India had such horrible slums.

Next week I will go to a bookstore and buy ''Secret Daughter''. Have any of you read this book? Any positive or negative thoughts?