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September 11, 2012

Cultural and social values in Australia and Singapore

   There are many cultural and social values in Norway. For example free education and free health care, a wide variety of natural attractions and a multicultural society. But what about cultural and social values in Australia and Singapore?  In this English lesson we were given a task where we had to find cultural and social values in two English-speaking countries. Marie, Tobias, Matias and I decided to write about Australian and Singaporean values.

Together we have figured out couple of questions that we may need some help to answer. The questions are listed below:

Cultural values   
How many percent of the population do not belong to any religion?
Are there any famous pop singers, actors or otherwell-known stars in your country?
 What about national sport?Any popular sports?
Languages that are most frequently spoken at home are …?  
When and how does your country celebrate its national day? 
How is the wild-animal life like? What kind of animals can you spot in your garden? 
What are the mains religions in your country? 
 Do the people in your country have cabins? 
If it's normal to have one, if yes, where?
How is your country populated?
Is there any kind of national food?
 What should I eat if I visit your country and want a typical and traditional menu?

Social values

What do you appreciate the most in your country? 
In which way are the rules and laws strict in your country?  
Do elders receive respect and status?
What is your most important value?
What’s important to your social life?

It would be great if you could answer some of these questions, so feel free to comment ! 

By Marie, Tobias, Matias and Julia. (click on the name to go to their blog) :-)


  1. Your writing is very good I think, and in addition I like you blog-design. It’s very cute and well organized. However there is something which could have been different in my opinion, maybe you could have written the answers on some of the questions above? Apart from that, I really like your blog! :)

  2. I really liked the design on your blog. It was organized and really nice. I also liked the way you write,also organized and with structure.

    If I have to say one thig I wish was different, then mye wish might be bigger pictures on this blog post. Nice blog!:)

  3. In America we have a lot of cultures and people who came here from different countries to start new lives.