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November 13, 2012

Alaska Natives

Alaska Natives are the native people of Alaska. There are four language families- Eskimo, Tsimshian, Haida and Athabaskan-Eyak-Tligit. In those 4 groups you may find twenty languages in total. 

Eskimo: Aleut, Alutiiq, Central Yupik, Siberian Yupik and Inupiaq.                          
Tsimshian: Tsimshian                   
Haida: Haida           
Athabaskan-Eyak-Tligit: Tlingit, Eyak, Ahtna, Tanaina, Ingalik, Holikachuk, Koyukon, Upper Kuskokwim, Tanana, Tanacross, Upper Tanana, Han and Kutchin. 

The indigenous people of Alaska have moved to the Alaska thousands of years ago and founded composite cultures that have followed each other after some time. After all they have adapted to the cold environment they lived in. 

As you can see above, there are many languages in four language families. Their culture is as various as their languages. Here is a list of different cultures of Alaska natives:   

Athabascan, Ahtna, Deg Hit’an, Dena'ina, Gwich’in, Hän, Holikachuk, Kolchan, Koyukon, Lower Tanana, Tanacross, Upper Tanana, Eyak, Haida, Tlingit, Tsimshian, Eskimo, Inupiat, Yupik, Siberian Yupik, Yup'ik, Cup'ik, Sugpiaq (Alutiiq)(Alutiqu), Chugach, Koniag and Aleut. 

Tips: You can download an app that's called Google Dictionary. As you click twice on a word, a definition of the word will pop up.  

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  1. Hello, My name is Todd Miley, I am a student from Highland Tech Charter in Anchorage, Alaska. You have great information on how many indigenous cultures there are here in Alaska, but did you know that a lot of the languages that were spoken here by the Native people have died in the last few years? It's quite sad.

    There are so many different things that have impacted these cultures, that are slowly destroying them, the technologies surrounding these extremely traditional cultures. One such thing was the destructive weapons used during World War II. During WWII there was a bombing that took place that destroyed much of a town named Dutch Harbor, this lead to the displacement of a large group of Aleutian natives. The government moved them to old canneries where many of them grew sick and died, and the culture was barely able to survive through this stressful and deadly trial.

    I hope you find this as interesting as I do, to see how far a culture has come is quite incredible, like what kind of events has your culture been through?