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December 11, 2012

Memories of Auschwitz POW Camp

I read a short story written by a young girl who has described her grandfather's life during the WW2. Her grandfather was w young Polish boy who was 19 years old when he joined the Polish army to fight for his country. She describes how the Germans captured her granddad and how his life was during his five years in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Her grandfather was a smart boy. During his tough years as a prisoner, he learned how to survive and he also learned many languages, which helped him stay alive. He also had very hard and difficult jobs, such as digging out the mass graves and sorting out the Jewish people's belongings.
The story was written by a normal person, not  a writer, and that's why in my opinion the story didn't have a right structure, but after all it was very interesting and easy to read.


  1. I certainly was an interesting story describing what surely was a terrible experience. Seems like he was both lucky and very clever.

  2. I defiantly agree that--while the organization of the story was a little cluttered--is was quite an remarkable account of the experiences of the grandfather in WWII. What a story! It seems great that people are recording oral recounts of experiences in WWII such as these and that agencies like the BBC publish it. One aspect that I thought was particularly pertinent was how the story referenced the celebration of Christmas; this nearly overlaps with the point of year in which we read it. This certainly provides a powerful insight into how terrible the living conditions were for the grandfather in that getting to eat cat food made it "the best Christmas ever" comparatively. Lastly, one thing I thought was interesting was how when he arrived at Auschwitz, the grandfather claimed he was a silversmith to make it seems as thought he had skills to provide for the German. Coming full-circle, by the time that the Americans had arrived the grandfather had developed the very useful skill of knowing five languages, so cool!

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