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December 18, 2012

My thoughts on the trip to Poland

As I mentioned in the post about The white buses and Auschwitz, last year, my class and I visited Krakow. In this post I would like to share my thoughts on the trip to Poland, my home country.
We were over 50 students plus 5 or 6 parents. We were divided into five or six groups and we had one or two parents who took care of us. We landed at the airport in a city near Krakow and then we took a bus and drove to the hostel we stood at. To be honest, the hostel was the last place I would take my Norwegians friends to. It wasn't placed in the center of Krakow, it was placed in some dirty alleys, about 15 minutes from the center of the town.  But after all, I didn't care that much about the place, the atmosphere was amazing! All the trips to the old town, shopping and trips to Auschwitz, salt mine and the common dinners we had together. 
I've learned so much about WW2 and some facts about Wieliczka (salt mine). 

Have you ever been in Poland? What's the best memory you have from your trips?

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  1. I have been to Krakow as well. It is a beautiful city! Would love to go again!