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August 20, 2013

Being young in Norway and my expectations for this school year

Hello! Long time no see... Last time I wrote a post on this blog was in May, so it's quite a long time ago. Today I would like to write about my expectations for this school year and about being young in Norway. Let's begin with my expectations for the upcoming school year. It's my second year of high school. New subjects, new teachers and new students. In the second year of high school you have to pick 3 subjects in addition to one type of math and your old subjects, such as Norwegian, Spanish an P.E. I chose psychology, sociology and international English. I hope to do my best in all subjects, especially math and Spanish. Another thing that is quite important to me is to get to know other students better, and to have low absence. 
My high school- Sandvika Videregående Skole

Being young in Norway, an easy or difficult thing to handle? In my opinion it depends on your social and financial status, your ability to socialize and the county you live in. Young people who live in a bigger city/county and have normal or stable financial situation, can live their normal lives and therefore it is easier for them being young in Norway. On the other hand, young people with poor ability to socialize and unstable financial status have it much difficult to live a standard life as a young human being in this country. Although we have our differences, we share some common things and hobbies. 


  1. I hope you have a great year this year! And that you do well in the subjects you have chosen. Looks like an interesting combination!

  2. I hope you will do best in your sigh school and i know it would be very exciting to meet with new students and teachers.spanish subject is very intresting. All the best for your future

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