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August 26, 2013

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born in Brisbane, Australia on December 4th 1982. He is the firstborn to Serbian-Australian parents Duska and Boris Vujicic. Nick was born without legs and arms.He had a rough childhood; he couldn't attend the ''normal'' school, because of his physical disability. After the law was changed he could attend the mainstream school. He was bullied which caused depression and suicidal thoughts. He later understood that he could inspire others. He learned to do all necessary, daily things such as writing with his toes, using the computer and brushing his teeth. Nick is promoting his work through films, television shows, speeches and books.At the age of 21 he graduated from Griffith University. 



  1. What a story this man has! Really interesting!
    Looks like Nick lives a good life after all, despite his physical disability!
    I enjoyed the image as well - sounds like a funny guy!
    Maybe next time include a video?:)

  2. * Realy interesting to read about this inspirational man!
    * Good work with the pictures. It says alot, eve though it is just for fun.
    - You could have told what this "law" you speak of says.

  3. - Interesting to read about him.
    - Good to find out how he lives now.
    - Maybe broadened the information a bit? How is he promoting his work? What exactly is he doing?

  4. I heard about him too! He was very insperational and I learned a little bit from him. what did you think was so unique about him?

  5. hey my name is Diego and not trying to be a stranger but this was interesting and i had to read t and look at the pics He had a bad life with drugs but found a way to leave them but had many physical disability and he even though had a bad life with cigarrettes he is stiil respectfully being a teacher to us by telling us what can a little cigarette each time by doing it it can affect your life and tells us not to do it this is really nice and is a good person to interact with.

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